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Etched in Stone, the stories of wrestling’s legends will take you inside the lives of over 170 of the greatest wrestlers in history as they share their never-before-told stories about their trials, tribulations and triumphs, competitors, coaches, teammates, and those who knew these athletes best will also weigh in on their accomplishments with their own unique perspectives.

Sep 30, 2021

In March of 2021 at the NCAA Division I wrestling championships in St. Louis, five African-American wrestlers – Iowa State’s David Carr, Minnesota’s Gable Steveson and the Penn State trip of Roman Bravo-Young, Carter Starocci and Aaron Brooks — all won individual championships. It was a high water mark for wrestlers of color, especially African Americans as at the top level of men’s college wrestling – Division I – half of the champions were African American, the most in any one single season. 

It was historic as much as it was iconic, but for records to be set, there must first be people to do something unique, to do something first, to do something – again - iconic. 

This series from Etched in Stone will tell you the in-depth story of Lloyd Keaser – A man who overcame growing up in a segregated community near Baltimore and battled through poverty ad racism on – and off – the mat and through it all, excelled in the classroom and excelled for his country.